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Transitional Youth, Home is where the Start is

By providing outreach, support and housing to homeless and at-risk youth, we seek to transform both hearts and lives through compassion, guidance and the grace of God.

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Mission Statement

Transitional Youth provides outreach, support and housing to positively transform the hearts and lives of at-risk and homeless youth through compassion, guidance, and the grace of God.

We achieve our mission by:

  • Serving more than 12,000 meals annually at the Outreach Center in downtown Portland.
  • Providing clothing and other personal items to street youth at the Outreach Center.
  • Operating two fully-staffed residential home programs. These youth are able to experience a sense of “home” many have never experienced before.
  • Helping youth obtain full time employment and move on to independent living situations.
  • Exposing youth to the Church and the message of the Christian faith in house meetings, groups, events and through one-on-one relationships.
  • Creating intentional relationships with positive adult role models.

Core Values

To provide at-risk and homeless youth the opportunity and skills to achieve independent living.

  • Help homeless youth obtain self-sufficiency
  • Ensure stability in our young people’s lives
  • Provide non-judgmental guidance
  • Help youth experience a sense of family
  • Provide the necessary skills and resources to succeed
  • Instill a feeling of belonging through a faith-based approach

We see potential in our youth they don’t yet see in themselves, and we strongly believe success is achieved through building relationships of trust. As caring mentors, we facilitate a hand up, not a handout.

Vision Statement

Our future vision includes building on our success and expertise, and taking bold steps toward creating opportunities and environments for willing homeless youth to receive the necessary support to transition from the streets into living meaningful, productive lives. To realize these goals, we need you as a critical member of our support team, to help homeless youth experience “home.” Braking Cycles, our new downtown ministry, combines all the power of our traditional outreach with new opportunities for our young people to dream, reach and achieve.

Your efforts are truly appreciated. Your support provides hot meals and the resources for special outings and retreats. Your donated clothing gives warmth and comfort. You offer help and encouragement; all towards the end goal of building hope.

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