WTIM, WeThinkItMatters working together to make a difference in our coummunities.

Working Together to Make a Difference in Your Community

Thank you for taking part in this very first WeThinkItMatters® Campaign.

We are so excited to share with you the results and difference it makes in the community.

As soon as the campaign has reached 10,000 votes $5,000 will be divided between the campaign causes based on the votes.

And by random drawing each voter will have a chance to win 1 of 11 cash prizes.

4x $250 Prizes for voter's favorite causes
4x $250 Prizes for voter's local schools
3x $100 Rewards for voter's personally

Campaign Dashboard



Please finish the form below for BridgeTown Inc to receive a portion of this WeThinkItMatters® sponsorship funding and then stay tuned to hear about and see the difference it makes.

I would like to get the results from the other causes too.