WTIM, WeThinkItMatters working together to make a difference in our coummunities.

Working Together to Make a Difference in Your Community

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WeThinkItMatters Sponsor Page - A place for companies to showcase their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by sharing about what they think matters. This space can be filled with any number features text, video, slideshows, survay, offers, and just about anything. The sponsorship will contribute to any of the causes on the side that the viewer chooses. While checking out the causes you will have the choice of which NPO you would like the sponsorship to be made to. You can visit each cause to find out about their mission and how the money will make a difference. And if you are a member 10% of sponsorship will go to your favorite cause, 10% to schools in your community, and 1% into a rewards account for you!

• Introduces a Company's Mission and Vision Statement

• Shares the Postive Impact a business is having

• Offers business four more impressions opportunities

• Thank you page stays live and indexed after campaign (SEO inbound links)

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Montgomery & Graham Inc is a employee benefits and commercial insurance broker located in Portland Oregon. They are xperts in corporate wellness and employee wellbeing.

WeThinkItMatters Inc. Beta Campaign

WeThinkItMatters Inc. is a comprehensive community giving plan. We partner with nonprofit organizations giving them access to our media platforms as a means to raise awareness and funds. 50% of the proceeds from all our corporate sales go to benefit the nonprofits we partner with, and to support social entrepreneurs. Our plan allows for greater growth of our giving in the future.

Core Values

  • Powerful Integrity
  • Extraordinary Passion
  • Serving in all we do

Mission Statement

To create life changing media that leaves a lasting impression on the world as a catalyst for Love and collaboration inspiring generations to work together for the betterment of all.

Vision Statement

We are the forefront of cause-related and cause-integrated marketing, seamlessly connecting people and businesses in a manner that creates brand loyalty and goodwill between businesses and people. As a company that cares about the community we are creating life changing media to offer businesses a superior return on investment for advertising dollars. Offering ways people and businesses can work togehter to make a difference in our communities.

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Click the banners below to learn more about the non-profits and their causes. Then select one to recieve sponsorship and stay tuned to see the difference it makes.

I am a Non-profit working to make a differnce


I am a Non-profit working to make a differnce


I am a Non-profit working to make a differnce